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Timeline 2018

April 2018

Ref. problems in 2017:
Coils on valves testet with 15 VDC => problem solved.
Found a smaller type of cylinder for the fret system. Single working cylinder with spring return. This will also reduce the hard shock on the string => problem solved.

May 2018

Can reduce the width of the fret cylinder block with smaller cylinder => problem solved.
New and better construction of the fret cylinder block.
Glue reduce the warping when 3D-printing => problem solved.

June 2018

Building RatRig frame for the guitar and control equipment as valves, relays and Rasbberry Pi.

July 2018

Buliding and testing of the pick system. Had to try different solutions for the pick.
Producing wiring and mounting documentation.

August 2018

Working with web site and videos.
Testing of iRig for the music part.

September 2018 - October 2018

Mounting of guitar, fret system, pick system, valves. Testing sound with manual test panel.
Testing of Raspberry PI with IO controlling valves and cylinders.

November 2018

Working with sound studio, buying a mixer. Found the old Zoom505 stomp box.
Made music protocole software.
The first tune played by Lugiro on his own.
Working with videos and web site.
Made the Christmas stress melody.

December 2018

Working with a new web site.
Launch of Christmas stress hit on Facebook.
Started on the tremendous musical work AIR of Johann Sebastion Bach. Ran out of air and had to buy a new and bigger air compressor.